I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in August 2014 when I fell on my lower back whilst rushing down the stairs. The orthopedic surgeon I saw told me that this was an extremely serious injury, that I most likely needed a surgery and that I wouldn’t be able to undertake any further sports activities, such as skiing or dance. I was prescribed pain killers, Vitamin B. Eventually I was not able to move and had to lie in bed for 2 weeks and all of this just before my MA degree started in London.

Lorraine McConnon was recommended for 121 remedial yoga classes and I felt I had to try every option as the prognosis was so negative. I could barely move; my leg and my lower right hip were hurting a lot. Lorraine gave me a lot of homework and I began to do the exercises every single day, after the 4th session the pain disappeared almost completely. I also realized that although my pain had disappeared I still was very sensitive and had to maintain doing the yoga exercise on a regular basis. The lesson I have learned, thanks to Lorraine, is that through the disciplinary connection with one’s body and a good yoga plan, one can remove such serious injury.