Nowadays, the practice of Yoga is an integral part of my daily life. Even though I lead a very full life I always make the time to do a daily yoga practice. It improves everything else I do; it off-sets the stress of my demanding job, and enables me to be a devoted family man and lead a healthy and fulfilled life with a great sense of well-being. And more important, yoga has induced me to look inside, to be aware are the consequence of our own action. The discipline and patience in yoga practice has convinced me that we can reverse our imbalance and frustrations or, at least, learn how to bear then..

The reasons why I started Yoga have definitely evolved over the years. In the beginning it was different: slow, hard, difficult to focus … and this is where if it hadn’t been for Lorraine’s particular teaching approach I would have given up, without a doubt, because I tried other teachers in my first years.

Every day my yoga progresses, it becomes more enjoyable, and for some reason more natural. I always believe that I am just starting to scratch the surface of what Yoga is all about, and I want to discover more and more.

But, to have dropped Yoga in the beginning it would have been so easy…

I really feel I had the privilege of receiving Lorraine’s attention from day one! She was able to guide me according to every stage of my practice. Always, teaching with outstanding standards, and encouraging me to discover my own freedom.

Even though I don’t live in London anymore, I try my best to visit her every year. Her words simply connect, and her intuition is unique.
I have no words to thank her, for having introduced me to wonderful science and art of Iyengar Yoga.