During the last few years I have moved out of London, had some very sad losses in my family and had a baby! Lorraine’s teaching and guidance have made it possible for me to cope and thrive in this busy time.
Lorraine’s teaching stands out for her incredible expertise, authority and professionalism but also because she engages with every student as in individual. The classes and instruction are carefully tailored for the needs of the group and the individual students. Even online I feel individually guided and supported by Lorraine. Before meeting Lorraine, I had attended yoga classes for many years and had been on yoga holidays and retreats with experienced and wonderful teachers from a variety of different schools of yoga. Over the past 6 years studying with Lorraine I have made more progress with my yoga practice than ever before and have established a regular meditation practice. I am really grateful to Lorraine and can’t recommend her classes highly enough.
    Harriet McCulloch, Lawyer