I’m not your typical slender, lithe yoga type – more of a welsh mountain pony with the strong streak of stubbornness. But I have LOVED doing yoga with Lorraine. It’s hard, I sweat, a lot, and I often topple over but the sense of satisfaction is huge. And you can literally see yourself improving with every session. I move countries every few years so I’ve tried yoga with a variety of teachers. But having had classes with Lorraine has spoiled me and nothing else quite compares. It’s always Lorraine’s voice I hear inside my head when I’m taking other classes. Her way of explaining things just makes sense. Did you know you can quite literally “suck up your thigh bone”. I can now do a head stand in the middle of the room and a “bridge” without having to be literally held up. And, unheard of for me when it comes to physical exercise, I can’t wait to get back for the next class.