I first met Lorraine almost 14 years ago, prior to this, I had attended the odd yoga class in difference locations. After my first class with Lorraine, I was hooked. I had found a teacher and a style of yoga that really spoke to me. Since then, I have attended over 10 consecutive years of her yoga retreats and loved every minute.

Yoga, in particular Iyengar, affords me the space to undo the physical and mental knots that working in a stressful environment and in a fast paced city can often create. It’s always there and with it’s endless benefits.

I feel very lucky to have discovered Yoga and to have found Lorraine. She has a warm, informative and wise approach to her teaching and has been an inspiration in guiding me through all weathers of my yoga journey. One of her many skills is having the ability to work with a range of experiences with in the one class so you always feel that you benefit from individual attention to aid the development of your practice.

Lastly, her genuine warmth, compassion and sense of humour always make for an enthused class and attracts like minded students which have become friends over the years. Yoga, particularly Iyengar, has become very much part of my everyday life and central to my well being.