For years I had back problems. For years I had been in and out of physiotherapy.  For years I had been going to the gym. But for every two steps forward I would take three steps back.

Then my problems became much worse and I developed radiculitis caused by a pro-lapsed disc. More physiotherapy and a lumbar epidural followed and, just when I thought all of this had finally worked, I pulled my calf muscle.

‘Have you tried yoga?’ asked my physiotherapist as she explained that this latest set-back was all part of the same thing.

I was lucky that she recommended Lorraine who took an interest in my symptoms, scans and recent treatment even before I met her for my first session. Lorraine then set about designing a remedial yoga programme for me.

I can honestly say, six months on, that Lorraine’s meticulous yoga programme has changed my life. Even after the first couple of sessions I felt better. I started to understand my body; the imbalances, my bad posture, the importance of breathing properly.

Don’t think yoga is easy, it’s not. That’s why it takes many years to perfect and novices like me benefit from experts like Lorraine. It’s also why I no longer go to the gym, turns out this was counter- productive in any case.